Since nearly everyone owns a smartphone, nearly everyone needs a USB charger. With that in mind, juice up your sales strategy with the latest popular tech item: laser-engraved USB chargers. Use these selling points to show your customers how this promo can power their marketing campaigns and improve ROI.

Charge Two
Devices at Once

Charge a smartphone and tablet at the same time? No problem. With two ports placed conveniently at the top, users can juice up two devices using just one outlet. They can share with family, friends or co-workers for any USB-charged device. Any business owner or marketing manager understands how useful these items are, which makes selling them a breeze.

What else can it charge?





Power banks

Portable speakers

Appeal to Over Three-Quarters
of U.S. Adults

That's right – 77% of Americans now own a smartphone, with ages 50 and older showing a sharp uptick in ownership over the past year, according to the Pew Research Center. USB chargers fill a need most Americans have: powering their devices.

What's the ownership of other devices?

Own desktops or laptops

Own tablets

Own e-readers

Enjoy fast turnaround – imark offers a standard production of 7 days for the USB2 after approval of credit, art and proofs. Rush service is available. 

Put a Billboard Up in
Hundreds of Homes

Let’s face it: In an increasingly digital world, USB chargers are necessities, making them staples in any household. That means organizations can advertise their brand directly inside homes across their target market – a rare opportunity worth investing in. You just can’t say the same for social media ads, Google ads, radio spots or TV commercials.       

Who can brands make continuous impressions on?





Guarantee more awareness for prospects and help them continuously market their brand to consumers.

Laser-Engraved Logo

Since USB logos are laser engraved, your customer's brand will never fade. Encourage them to invest in long-term brand awareness that will likely last for years. Now's the time to offer a top-grade tech promo as enduring as the brands it will represent.

What else can you laser engrave?


Phone number



Years in service


Though your customers have plenty of options, keep in mind the engraving area is 1" x 1", so the design should be clean and simple without excess text.

Get FREE personalization from imark for names and initials – perfect for client or employee gifts.

the Competition

Another great feature of the USB2 is that it lights up when it’s plugged in, making your customer’s logo stand out. Even better, organizations can customize the light to match the unique colors of their brand.

Where can this promo make an immediate impact?



Corporate offices

Hotel lobbies

Coffee shops

Trade shows

Associate Any Brand With Innovation and Convenience

Inspire customers to pick a promo that suggests they're tech leaders in their respective industries. This is a safe investment for improving the perception of their brand.

What kind of results can your customers expect?

Better impressions

customer loyalty

Greater trust

Improved authority

Introducing a tech promo that makes lives easier
can work to enhance any brand’s image.

Perfect for Students

According to ASI’s 2018 State of the Industry report, 13% of distributors' revenue came from the education market, the biggest contributor to annual distributor sales for the fourth year in a row. Selling USB chargers will ensure you get your piece of the pie.


It’s always smart to keep tech products that align with students’ needs on your radar. Thanks to the USB2, you can easily sell an in-demand item for tech-savvy youth that boasts the excellent combo of quality and price. 

Who should you target for the best results?

High school
booster clubs

visiting centers


Academic and athletic clubs

Just imagine all the impressions companies can generate with branded chargers used at places like frat or sorority houses, dorm rooms, apartments and libraries.

Plug Into the Top Three End-User Markets

If you’re looking to connect with more big-budget customers, this product category is a perfect place to start. In addition to education, USB chargers are also fast sellers in the second and third top end-user markets: healthcare (#2) and finance (#3).

What types of events are USB chargers used for?


Trade shows


Community events


Employee & client gifts

Whether customers need promos for sponsored events or to express customer appreciation, fusing tech with affordability is the smart decision.

Enhance presentation – Standard packaging from imark for the USB2 is a gift box.

Don't Overlook Retail

Think about it: A wide variety of stores across many different industries sell tech-related products for smart devices, especially chargers. Depending on their markets, these customers could engrave anything from their logos to the city's favorite sports team to a favorite saying or symbol. Retail offers a huge opportunity for distributors looking to cash in on new tech.

What are some places that sell USBs?

Convenience stores

Gift shops

E-commerce sites


Grocery stores

electronic retailers

Discount department stores


Welcome centers

Visiting centers

Laser engraved options offer an excellent alternative to the mundane charging ports found at most retail locations.

Start Selling Tech Before Your Competitors

Tech made up 7.5% of distributor sales in 2017 and is on track to grow significantly over the next several years. As tech continues to evolve, this product category is expected to gain more traction.

Don't wait any longer to build a reputation for having connections to the hottest products around. Instead, get in front of this promo craze now with cutting-edge chargers to set your business up for a lucrative future.

What are other tech-related items you can sell with the USB2?

Cellphone holders

Cellphone straps

phone holders

Tablet cases