Secure End-of-Year Orders & Start 2022 Strong

In this interactive sales calendar, we’re sharing lucrative events and holidays primed for promo for both Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. Click through and discover which opportunities make sense for your clients and how you can capitalize on each event to maximize your revenue.






November 2021

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Opportunity of the Month:


With Thanksgiving top of mind this month, everyone's thinking about giving back and doing good – including your clients. Ask what fundraising events they have on the calendar, such as food and clothing drives. There are also a host of awareness events in November, such as National Diabetes Awareness Month and "Movember," an annual event where people grow facial hair to raise awareness for men's health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. Fundraisers like these are prime opportunities for products like banners, posters and flyers to designate donation areas, sign-up sheets, and "I Donated!" stickers for volunteers, as well as forms and cash management supplies to organize donations.

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November 2021 Calendar
November 2021 Calendar
November key dates
November 2021 Calendar

November 2: Election Day

Campaign volunteers can hand out flyers, postcards, patriotic pins and stickers to encourage passersby to get out and vote. Posters and banners are excellent for marking polling locations too.

November 4: Diwali

Businesses can spread the word about celebrations and events with direct mail invitations and greeting cards. Posters and banners will brighten up event areas, and booklets are great for educating guests on the history of this holiday.

November 11: Veterans Day

Clients can announce special sales and limited-time promotions with posters or direct mail postcards. Show support for veterans' groups with town banners while getting the community involved at local parades with U.S. flag and Armed Forces logo stickers.

November 25: Thanksgiving Day

Have clients send Thanksgiving greeting cards early in the season to thank customers for their business. Table tents and coasters at charity dinners get the word out about local food pantries, churches and other organizations providing assistance to people in need. Turkey trots, football games and parades are also huge Thanksgiving events requiring posters, banners and sign-up sheets.

November 26: Black Friday

Holiday shopping season officially begins. Retail stores should advertise special holiday hours, sales or regulations with window clings, posters and banners. Postcards make great mailers, especially if they include a coupon. If businesses must hire seasonal help, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards are a low-cost way to canvas local areas for employees. Retail and e-commerce companies require forms, labels and cash management supplies for proper money management. Don't forget retail packaging like gift bags, boxes and bows for that special touch.

November 27: Small Business Saturday

Help local businesses and mom-and-pop shops capture holiday sales with posters, banners and postcards. Suggest hosting in-store raffles to increase foot traffic with help from business cards, rack cards and event tickets. Stickers, labels, tags and gift certificates make excellent add-ons, while impressive retail packaging will help small shops compete with the big guys.

December 2021

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Opportunity of the Month:

Holiday Shopping

It’s time to kick seasonal shopping into high gear. Brick-and-mortar retailers will need all sorts of signage to announce holiday sales, special promotions and end-of-year clearance events, making banners, posters and flyers must-sells. Labels are handy to identify price discounts while retail packaging is sure to impress end-users seeking snazzy gift-wrapped items. Don’t forget your direct mail postcards and greeting cards either, especially if they include a coupon or coupon code that can be redeemed in-store or online.

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December 2021 Calendar
Dec. 2021 Calendar
December 2021 key dates
December 2021 Calendar

December 5:
International Volunteer Day

Nonprofits and charities should invest in items to recognize and thank volunteers like thank you cards, as well as identify volunteers and brand their event or site with ID badges and banners. Recommend these groups hand out educational brochures and pamphlets about their cause, or leave out sign-up sheets and tickets for fundraisers and raffles. Get them to purchase pens and notepads with their logo or create impactful bumper stickers and magnets with personalized messaging.

December 25: Christmas Day

Companies of all sectors can send out holiday greeting cards and envelopes as sweet holiday mailers. Calendars make great promotional gifts that will deliver a full year of impressions. Don’t forget banners and posters for seasonal corporate branding too. Retail packaging is a great way to add pizzazz to employee gift giving.

December 31: New Year's Eve

Many bars and restaurants offer holiday dishes on this special night, so be sure to present table tents and flyers to use as menus. Postcards, flyers and invitations are also great for mailing out, along with New Year's cards and calendars for 2022.

January 2022

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Opportunity of the Month:

Health & Wellness

New year, new resolutions. Many consumers want to kick off the year with a healthy start, making January the perfect time for companies to launch new healthcare programs and host benefit fairs. Educational materials like brochures and flyers are a must for communicating healthy meal plans, proper dental hygiene and smoking cessation programs. Expect gyms and fitness studios to offer new member specials with waived sign-up fees too. These businesses will need a range of items like membership pricing flyers and business cards.

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January 2022 Calendar
Jan. 2022 Calendar
January 2022 key dates
Jan 2022 Calendar

January 1: New Year's Day

Banners and postcards are handy to drive new gym memberships and fitness plans. Posters and flyers expertly communicate New Year's sales and special offers. Don't forget about celebrations either. Invitations for New Year's Day events and parades are sure to impress when decked out with foil stamping or colored paper.

January 13: National Sticker Day

This fun holiday is a branding dream, as clients of all industries can hand out stickers to patrons or include them in direct mail campaigns. Weatherproof and durable options ensure long-term advertising. Die-cut labels are also a unique way for businesses to stand out and get noticed. Window clings are stickers, too! They make excellent window advertising signage.

January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Nonprofits and charities focused on equality and social justice are great prospects for flyers and sign-up sheets for various fundraising and community engagement events. Sales and promotions are also commonplace, so posters and banners deserve a spot in your presentations too. Direct mail campaigns educate recipients and encourage volunteer and outreach activities.

January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On this important day of honoring those lost, many museums and nonprofits will need educational posters and brochures. Invitations and postcards are effective for spreading the word about speaking engagements or memorial gatherings.

February 2022

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Opportunity of the Month:

Black History Month

Many organizations have made it a company priority to pay tribute to those who have faced adversity in the past and those who continue to fight for equality today. Banners and posters are great for commemorative decoration or for announcing memorials, marches, discussion panels and community events. Postcards will be useful for clients to mail out and build event awareness or to promote shopping at Black-owned businesses. Calendars make thoughtful giveaways for this awareness month too, especially if they feature collaborations with local Black artists and key dates in history.

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Feb 2022 Calendar
February 2022 Calendar
Feb. 2022 Calendar
Feb 2022 key dates

February 4: World Cancer Day

Medical groups should display educational brochures and pamphlets in waiting areas for patients to browse and take. Health screening posters on hallways and window clings for reception areas can be easily viewed by patients. Die-cut ribbon stickers are great for raising awareness while custom greeting cards and coloring books are sure to increase interest in the cause at charity events and fundraisers.

February 9: National Pizza Day

Local pizzerias and large chains alike would be wise to invest in postcards and flyers with special offers and coupons. Doorknob hangers and magnets can also be branded with an offer to redeem on future orders. Ask about perforated options for tear-off coupons!

February 13: Super Bowl Sunday

Expect big TV sales from electronics stores before the big Sunday game, which means banners and posters announcing discounts will be in demand. Restaurants, grocery stores and delivery services should cash in on the snacking with mailed postcards, flyers or magnets branded with the company’s name, logo and contact info. Printed menus and coupons to include with orders will give restaurants future business.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Help bars and restaurants promote their sweetheart menus with affordable table tents and flyers. Florists can mail postcards and coupons before the big day to shore up holiday business. Jewelry stores and boutiques can also mail custom greeting cards to show customers some love and remind them of their services. Signature packaging is perfect for loving gift-giving.

February 21: Presidents' Day

Flyers and postcards should be mailed early to advertise sales and special promotions. Patriotic stickers, labels and window clings make great options to promote the holiday and big sales events. Recommend auto dealerships go big with their banners to attract attention from traffic.

March 2022

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Opportunity of the Month:

Women’s History Month

Help businesses show their support for women’s equality and recognize their contributions to society with banners and posters advertising events like speaking engagements, museum tours and fundraisers. Postcards are superb for mailing out to build event awareness, while brochures and flyers make it easy to educate about iconic women in history or to spotlight local woman-owned businesses. Calendars with historical days printed throughout make great giveaways too.

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March 2022 Calendar
March 2022 Calendar
March. 2022 Calendar
march 2022 important dates

March 1: Mardi Gras

Encourage restaurants to put out table tents and flyers as menus for special items. Banners and signage are essential for celebrations and parades. Don’t forget the giveaways! Magnets, stickers, coasters and event tickets will all be in high demand.

March 2: Read Across America Day

Public schools and libraries can hang up posters and banners to encourage everyone to read. Coloring books and brochures also make great take-home activities. Brilliantly printed bookmarks are functional and fun. Special messages can be added for a memorable touch.

March 3: Caregiver Appreciation Day

Help those in the healthcare sector say thanks to doctors, nurses, hospital workers, volunteers and family members with greeting cards, or retail packaging for dressing up gifts.

March 4: Employee Appreciation Day

Corporations can recognize employees with greeting cards and notepads decked out with inspirational messages. Stickers make thoughtful handouts. Event tickets can be bought with perforations or numbering to make handing out employee prizes easy. Retail packaging will ensure all employee presents really wow.

March 8: International Women’s Day

Help clients celebrate the achievements of women with calendars, greeting cards, postcards and signage for special events. Sign-up sheets and brochures will also be useful for nonprofits and women’s groups.

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Present tags and stickers to festively label retail items and gifts. Posters, banners and window clings are just the thing for designating participating locations for pub crawls, while bingo or scavenger hunt cards and stickers make fun giveaways. Beverage coasters with Irish artwork or restaurant logos make souvenirs for patrons to take home.

March 20: First Day of Spring

Posters and banners make simple work of broadcasting spring sales and promotions. Businesses can mail out postcards to drum up excitement, while greeting cards and invitations are essential for spring events like weddings and graduations. Die-cut stickers can be left at sales counters to use as seasonal thank-you tokens for customers. Stick them on or in pretty gift bags to create lasting impressions.