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Inventory Horror Stories:
How to Avoid Scary Mishaps & Mistakes

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Gather 'round and get ready for some truly chilling tales. We're talking about inventory horror stories. Supply chain disruptions are shaking up the promo industry, causing late orders and poor client relationships – talk about scary! Find out how you can avoid these terrible fates for yourself and your distributorship ... if you dare. 

Horror Story #1:

Rising Prices

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With supply chain issues and material shortages running rampant, many suppliers are raising prices to make up for the cost of sourcing goods. This gives distributors like you two not-so-great choices: eat that cost yourself and make less money on each order or ask your clients to pay more than they’re used to, potentially souring that business relationship for the future. Neither are good options for the longevity of your distributorship.

Prevent this from happening to you by doing your research ahead of time on which suppliers can offer the stable pricing you need, even during difficult times. Fey Promo, for example, has managed to almost avoid price increases completely during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to their Minnesota Made manufacturing. Unlike other suppliers that primarily decorate, Fey Promo is able to negotiate pricing on the raw materials themselves – or switch up vendors completely, should the situation call for it. You can count on Fey Promo to be completely transparent too: You’ll never get hit with any invoice surprises after orders have shipped.

Horror Story #2:

Long Production Times

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Nobody likes to wait– especially your clients when they need that rush or last-minute order ASAP! Unfortunately, labor shortages and hiring challenges have made it difficult for some suppliers to complete orders as swiftly as they once did … and that’s only talking about standard orders. If you have a large-quantity order you need quickly, you’ll be taking a major risk on missing in-hand dates if you don’t choose your supplier partner wisely.

Seek out suppliers that you know are staffed and ready to take on your client’s request, such as Fey Promo. Perhaps it’s their love of promo or simply that good ole Midwestern charm, but Fey Promo is proud to see their staff members stick around for the long haul. Just take it from “Club TwentyFEYve,” made up of employees who have been with the company for 25+ years. Even your largest orders will be no problem for Fey Promo, thanks to their stellar communication and commitment to maintaining pre-2020 lead times.

Horror Story #3:

Late Orders & Missed Deadlines

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With many businesses working with reduced advertising budgets, there’s the urge to present only the lowest-cost products from overseas. However, doing so will create an entirely new problem for yourself. These products need to travel a long way, especially if they’re being decorated at a different location than the supplier. That’s a lot of opportunity for products to be stuck at ports, held up at customs or simply prevented from being manufactured in the first place. Yikes!

To limit your chance of late orders or missed deadlines, opt for products made domestically in the USA. Fey Promo will do you one better – the majority of their products are “Minnesota Made,” so not only are they created locally, they’re shipping out from the middle of the country. Don’t count out the importance of communication either. The Fey Promo team works diligently to track products and raw goods so they can keep you in-the-know on the status of your order or any shipping deadlines you must meet to ensure timely order arrivals.

The most important rule to follow for timely promo orders? Order early! Not only does this help ensure the products you want are available, it also gives your supplier maximum time to produce and ship out your order.

Horror Story #4:

Decoration Materials Out of Stock

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It’s not just construction materials that are in low supply; it’s decoration materials too. Supplies like inks, embroidery thread and vinyl are all needed for promo imprints, but they can hold up orders should suppliers and decorators run out. You don't want to disappoint your clients with late products, and you don’t want to force them to settle for their second-choice decoration option either. Clients want to hear "Yes, I can do that for you,” not “No, I can’t.”

Thanks to their many years in business and great relationships with their vendors, Fey Promo knows how to anticipate decoration supply needs. They also carry a wide variety of color options, so it’s unlikely they can’t create the shade your clients desire. Lastly, Fey Promo knows expert workarounds, should anything run amiss. For example, if the color of vinyl your clients want is out of stock, Fey Promo can replicate it by printing on white vinyl. Crisis averted!

Horror Story #5:

Suppliers Completely Out of Stock

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We've saved our scariest story for last. Many distributors prefer to order from a go-to supplier. After all, they already have a business relationship with them and past orders have gone fine enough. However, this can be a dangerous move. All suppliers can suffer unexpected challenges, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Don’t assume your supplier can handle your order without doing the legwork to confirm first. If you don’t, you risk an embarrassing foot-in-mouth moment and potentially losing that client for life.

Stay one step ahead of industry fluctuations by researching suppliers first. By manufacturing their own products, Fey Promo is less impacted by supply chain disruptions and other delays, making them a safe choice to put your faith in for your client’s next order. Take advantage of their diverse product line too – not only can you find easy product replacements, you’ll also find add-on options for greater profits.

Minnesota Made:

Turn Horror Stories Into Success Stories With Fey Promo

Don’t worry: These terrifying tales don’t have to happen to you, especially when you work with Fey Promo. This family-owned supplier is based in Edgerton, Minnesota, dontcha know? When they're not cheering on the Vikings or going snowmobiling, they're working hard to fulfill promo orders for your clients. With 50+ years of experience in the industry to boot, you can trust these Minnesota natives to treat each order with a personal touch and deliver all the feel-good customer service you deserve.

While they began producing predominately vinyl and office essentials, Fey Promo has since expanded to carry a wide range of products, from tools to household items and everything in between. Just like how Minnesota is known for its rich landscape of forests, lakes, state parks and prairies, Fey Promo is now known for an equally vast product assortment. No matter what your clients are looking for, you're sure to find it with Fey Promo.