Just like a new spring bud, additional sales can sprout just about anywhere. The trick is knowing where to look for them and what to ask. Many sales reps focus on the internal giveaway part of the promotion itself, but often miss the obvious, which draws traffic, attracts the eye and builds a sense of urgency.


Why pass up these opportunities? You can make great revenue from selling all sorts of outdoor marketing products – things that fly, unfurl, direct, entice, set the stage and even flap at your prospects. You’re most likely already selling promos they use indoors. See how many of these you might have missed and what questions you need to ask to add them to your next sale.


Order 1: How do we attract attention to our event?

  • A flag is used as a symbol, a signaling device, or for decoration and attracting attention to a place, event or brand. 
  • Why these? Flags show that something special and out of the ordinary is going on.
  • Why knit polyester? It's lightweight, durable and available in any shape or size needed. Tip: 3’ X 5’ is the standard size and the best seller.
  • Color sells. According to the Psychology of Color, color signs are read 42% more often, so you'll want to use as many colors as possible to entice the eye. (You'll definitely want a supplier that doesn’t charge for multiple colors, like Quinn!)

Order 2: I need something to stand up but also stand out.

  • Ensure clients’ messages are always visible with this innovative flag option that rotates with the wind and remains open like a sign.
  • Attracts attention clearly and professionally.
  • Included ground spikes make for easy installation.
Questions to ask to get this order:
  • What is the primary purpose or message of the event?
  • Tell me about the space: Are they for a storefront, in-ground or on a hard surface, on the face of a building or fence? Are they meant for long-term permanent outdoor use, or do they need to be portable?
  • Will this be a one-time event or multiple occasions? (They may need multiples.)
  • What shape or size are you looking for?

Order 3: Business storefront or multiple places?

Our standalone solution.

  • A best-seller because of its portable versatility for bold, attention-getting exposure.
  • This kit comes with the knitted polyester banner, a sectional aluminum/fiberglass pole, a carrying case and ground spike.

Order 4: How will you mark the streets for your event?

  • Whatever you call them – avenue banners, light-pole banners, street banners – these banners look great, last a long time, and are cost effective. The area will say “it’s happening here” at every turn.
  • These sturdy vertical panels are made of strong opaque vinyl, finished with a 3" standard sewn sleeve at the top and bottom with adjacent grommets on one side. Your full-color imprint heralds your message on both sides to add a splash of color to shopping districts, neighborhoods, auto dealerships and much more.
  • Hardware is available too!

Order 5: We want a fun, retro way to attract a crowd.

  • Use wind power to flutter your client’s logo or message on these retro pennants that have captured the eyes of millions. These next-generation pennants can be customized with one or multiple images on one or both sides of the pennant with unlimited colors.
  • Each string holds weatherproof PVC material that flaps in the breeze, rain or shine, with heavy canvas string and rope at both ends for tying.
  • Any length needed (standard comes in 15’, 30’, 60’, 100’). Die-cut shapes to make newly branded products pop are cool too.
Questions to ask to get this order:
  • Tell me about the venue of the event.
  • How many feet are they looking to cover overall?
  • What is the desired individual length for these strings to hang easily at the event?
  • If budget is a concern, lower-cost materials are available, or co-branding is common with vendors and sponsors, which can help share in the marketing costs.

Order 6: We need a home base or booth that’s portable, with rain protection.

  • A full-color digital print on any valance, peak and walls with zero setup charges.
  • Crafted of 600-denier polyester material.
  • Comes with aluminum pole frame and carrying case with wheels for easy travel set-up. Includes kit with 4 metal stakes and nylon rope.

Order 7: Portable with Additional Branding Options.

  • The full back wall and the two side half-walls are printed on both sides, adding powerful message and graphic areas to your space. These help direct traffic and tell your client’s story at the same time.
  • Same material & accessories as CPT-1010.
  • Indoor and outdoor use, perfect for trade shows, tailgating, tournaments, festivals, fairs, fundraising events and more.
Questions to ask to get this order:
  • Do you want something waterproof, fire-safe, lightweight, and easy to carry & assemble?
  • How many messages do you need to showcase? What type of power images or graphics would help tell your story from any distance?
  • Describe the event venue to me. Are there other exhibitors? Are they right next to you?
  • How do you plan to greet your traffic within this space? Do you need tent borders or boundaries to direct them to the front?
  • Do you have an artist to help sketch this out for you, or do you want me to mock up a free virtual sample for you? (Luckily, Quinn does that for you! Here’s what else they can do…)