The Top 3 Promo Trends for 2022

New year, new industry trends. Don’t leave your distributorship services back in yester-year. Update your offerings and excite clients with the three most effective branding strategies for 2022.


Partner with suppliers who can help your clients and local communities.

If you consider yourself only a promo provider, it’s time to reframe your thinking for 2022. Your clients are looking for more than just unique products; they’re relying on your branding and marketing know-how to position their business for success and to further internal company initiatives too.

One simple way to support your client’s corporate goals is to select the right promo supplier for their orders. For example, ASI supplier Raining Rose Promos is launching a new Give Back Program this year – the company will donate 1% of all annual sales to support women and small businesses around the world, with a focus on countries they source raw ingredients from. This is great news for businesses who want to engage in more philanthropy events this year. By relaying this information to your clients, you can let them know that every order they place will add to the grand total Raining Rose Promos is able to give back to the community, all without any extra work on their part.

Put it this way:

If your clients are going to order these products anyway, why not order them from a supplier who will donate 1% of those profits to those in need? And rest assured, products from Raining Rose Promos are top-quality choices and will exceed expectations over others on the market.


Impress clients with creative, personalized products no one else has.

Not only are your clients preferring more personalized, one-of-a-kind promos in the new year, consumers are beginning to expect the same. Basic products with only stock options can often have a low perceived value with end-users, which can result in promos being tossed instead of treasured. Not good for increasing brand awareness or reducing waste!

Instead of merely providing premade products, put on your creative thinking cap and help clients create customized incentives. Raining Rose Promos can help. With the ability to bring completely custom ideas to life, the sky’s truly the limit on what you can do for your clients. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Custom Flavors
    While Raining Rose Promos carries a wide variety of personal care products in proven popular flavors with consumers, they can also create totally new flavors just for your client! Get inspiration from past custom flavors which aligned with specific business and branding themes, such as Ketchup, Crab-Flavored Chips and even a hoppy Beer Flavor.
  • Unique Labels
    Even product labels can be personalized for your client’s project. Raining Rose Promos offers different label substrates (think of them as label papers) in Glossy White, Chrome and Clear. Then, if your clients wish, add a trendy matte finish to any of these substrates besides Clear.
Glossy white substrate on sustainabalm product

Glossy White substrate

Chrome substrate on a soothing stick

Chrome substrate

Clear substrate on lipbalms

Clear substrate

Matte finish

Matte finish

  • Variable Printing
    Let clients know they can personalize each product label using Raining Rose Promos’ variable printing capabilities. Some popular options to personalize: recipient names, raffle numbers for giveaways, or years of service for employee gifts.

Looking for even more creative branding ideas?

Check out these 5 ideas your clients will love


No longer just a perk, eco-friendly features are expected.

Swapping out non-sustainable promos with eco-conscious alternatives is an easy way for your clients to reduce their carbon footprint for very little effort. They’ll appreciate you providing such an effective solution for their sustainability goals. That experience will ensure they come to see you as not only their go-to promo provider, but a savvy marketing expert too.

Raining Rose Promos is the supplier to know when it comes to sustainability, from products to packaging and beyond. See what we mean below:

  • Sustainable Products
    Raining Rose Promos has a vast assortment of eco-friendly products. You can’t go wrong presenting these fan favorites:
Sustainabalm (PLB-SB)

Sustainabalm (PLB-SB)

Good for lips and the planet at large, this moisturizing lip balm is made from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, from the ingredients down to the packaging.

Bee Balm (PLB-BN)

Bee Balm (PLB-BN)

This retail-inspired lip balm is naturally derived and formulated with a high beeswax base for conditioning skin. Provide clients with retail quality for less.

Mineral SPF 15 Broad Spectrum Lip Balm (PLB-MRL15)

Mineral SPF 15 Broad Spectrum Lip Balm

Formulated with 100% mineral zinc oxide as the active agent for SPF protection, your clients can order this lip balm confidently knowing it’s made from natural ingredients.

  • Sustainable Packaging
    Not only are this supplier’s products good for the environment, their packaging is too. For example, the Sustainabalm (PLB-SB) is housed in a 100% recyclable tube made from 50% recycled post-consumer plastic, 36% PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and 14% potato bio resin. 100% recyclable kraft boxes are available for many of their kit products, and their Carry-On Kit (SET-CO) features an eco-friendly bag made from hemp and PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate). Even their standard lip balm tubes are made with less plastic than similar offerings in the industry.
  • Sustainable Initiatives
    Raining Rose Promos doesn’t just produce eco-friendly products. As a certified B-Corp® company (given to for-profit companies with exceptional social and environmental performance), they’ve made helping out the environment one of their core company values too. This supplier prioritizes recycling at their facility, as they work with many recyclable materials such as paper, plastic and cardboard. In fact, Raining Rose Promos sends about 2,400 gallons of byproduct waste to a local farm nearby in Iowa where it’s turned into methane gas, generating electricity to power small towns near the farm.

Let There Be Butterflies!


Did you know that Raining Rose Promos has monarch rearing tents on their facility grounds? It’s true! Each year, these promo experts raise monarchs from caterpillars to butterflies before releasing them into the wild. Share this special project and the pictures below with your clients on your sales calls so they can truly visualize the impact their promo purchases will have on the environment.


First, the monarchs begin as caterpillars …

Green chrysalises

Next, monarchs are seen in their chrysalises, first green …

Clear chrysalises

… then clear (the darker appearance is actually the monarch’s wings showing though the clear chrysalis) …

monarch butterfly emerging from a chrysalis

Finally, the monarchs emerge from their chrysalises …

Monarch butterfly

… and after a quick snack of milkweed and spreading their wings, the butterflies are ready to take flight into the world!

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