2020 Gift Guide
2020 Gift Guide

This year's gift-giving season is going to look a little different – and that's OK. From corporate offices reopening to schools sending well wishes to students at home, your clients need new ideas for their gifts and incentives that speak to current times. Adapt to their needs and give heartfelt gifts that show gratitude, promote wellness and increase safety.

Welcome Back Office Workers

Office Staff

While timelines vary from state to state, businesses of all kinds are beginning to reopen their doors and welcome employees back to the office. Welcome back gifts are a great way to boost company morale and thank staff for everything they did while working from home, such as their quick adoption of remote work practices. If your clients had to furlough certain teams due to the downturn, this is also a way to express genuine gratitude. Consider heartfelt messages like "We're happy to have you back" or "We're stronger together" to reiterate that their sacrifices weren't taken lightly.

SnugZ Suggests:

Boa 4" Laser Engraved Wooden Perpetual Calendar (TBOA)

Boa 4" Laser-Engraved Wooden Perpetual Calendar (TBOA)

Not only will this wood block calendar be proudly displayed and used on desks in the office, it can be used year after year – a gift that keeps on giving!

Writer's Block Gift Set (TGSWRITERSBLOCK)

Writer's Block Gift Set (TGSWRITERSBLOCK)

Excellent for taking notes or jotting down meeting reminders, this bundle of a notebook, bookmark and pencil sleeve really shines once end-users feel the genuine leather for themselves.

Back to the Office Kit (PKBACTOTHEOFFICE)

Back to the Office Kit (PKBACKTOTHEOFFICE)

With PPE essentials like hand sanitizer, a face mask and a touchless opener tool, this kit will equip employees with everything they need to stay safe in the office.

Say Thanks to Staff at Home

Working from home

The typical workplace has certainly changed this year – and it's likely it will never completely go back. In fact, a recent Gartner study suggests that 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to a more remote work model as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While working from home was a nice perk in the past, this year it's come with its own challenges. After all, employees aren't just working remote full-time – they're also raising kids, cooking dinner, taking care of fur babies and so much more, all without letting their work slip. Help your clients show their appreciation for staff flexibility and patience with promotional presents they can enjoy at home after all the hard work they do.

SnugZ Suggests:

Limelight Gift Sets (TGSLIMELIGHT)

Limelight Gift Set (TGSLIMELIGHT)

Candles are self-care essentials, and with decadent scents like Cinnamon Sugar and Frosted Pinecone, this gift set couldn't be more perfect for end-of-year holidays.

Constrictor Bamboo Tic-Tac-Toe Game with Granite Playing Pieces (TCONSTRICTOR)

Constrictor Bamboo Tic-Tac-Toe Game With Granite Playing Pieces (TCONSTRICTOR)

With all of us spending more time at home, games and puzzles make wonderful promos for the whole family to enjoy.

The Gentleman Gift Set (TGSGENTLEMAN)

The Gentleman Gift Set (TGSGENTLEMAN)

This USA-made wooden gift box contains a leather tray, carabiner keychain and wallet – a trifecta of leather goods that recipients can use at home or on the go.

Show Appreciation for Students & Teachers

Student with face mask in school

One industry that has been particularly affected by the pandemic is education. Social distancing measures and shutdowns have forced school districts and universities to rapidly pivot to remote learning and teaching, which can be stressful for both staff and students. On top of that, 2020 graduates were unable to turn their tassels in person, instead having to celebrate their achievements online. Help clients in the education sector thank teachers for their determination and resilience with thoughtful items they can use while working. Or, show students their hard work and flexibility doesn't go unnoticed with high-end items that speak to current trends.

SnugZ Suggests:

Cipher Wood Frame with Plastic Letter Board (TCIPHER)

Cipher Wood Frame With Plastic Letter Board (TCIPHER)

Not only is this trendy wood letter board fun to use, it's also super Instagram-able, providing impressions for your clients with every post.

Mini Tasker Leather Mini Padfolio (TMINITASKER)

Mini Task Leather Mini Padfolio (TMINITASKER)

Students and teachers will both be touched to receive a high-end leather notebook rather than the traditional styles they're used too.

Jade Import Dye-Sublimated Backpack (HJADE)

Jade Import Dye-Sublimated Backpack (HJADE)

Comfy, stylish and functional to boot, this sublimated backpack can be decorated to comply with any school colors or brand guidelines.

Mask Keeper Kit (PKMASKKEEPER)


Teachers and students need to wear masks for the entire school day. This PPE kit provides a mask, pouch and attachment to hang the mask around their necks for increased organization.

Promote Safety & Self-Care Anywhere

Self care with meditation

No matter what end-users do for work, we all need to practice enhanced health and safety measures this year and beyond. What's more, the stress we're under has emphasized the importance of mental health as well. Pampering personal care promos that help recipients relax and unwind make excellent end-of-year gifts, especially to express appreciation during trying times. Consider playful messaging like "It's been a long year... time to relax!" or "Take a load off – you deserve it!" to put a smile on end-users' faces each time they use their gifts.

SnugZ Suggests:

Finley Blue Blocker Glasses w/ Dye-Sub Microfiber Pouch (TFINLEY-AMPS37)

Finley Blue Blocker Glasses With Dye-Sub Microfiber Pouch (TFINLEY-AMPS37)

Blue light-blocking glasses have been rising in popularity with retail, especially as we all spend more time staring at screens. (Hey, Netflix counts too!)

Electronic Diffuser & 15mL Dropper Bottle Essential Oil in Gift Box (NGSED-1EO)

Electronic Diffuser & 15mL Dropper Bottle Essential Oil in Gift Box (NGSED-1EO)

With a sleek electronic diffuser and essential oil of your choice included, this gift set gives recipients everything they need to chill out after a long day.

12 Hour Shift PPE Kit (PK12HOURSHIFT)

12-Hour Shift PPE Kit (PK12HOURSHIFT)

Masks will only be worn if they're comfortable. This PPE kit provides recipients with a mask attachment, lotion and more to feel good while staying safe.