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Market to Target: Make More Profits With Promotional Housewares

Are you taking advantage of promotional housewares yet? There’s a reason culinary items like cutting boards, knives and wine accessories are in high demand. Not only are they useful, they boast high-end appeal and profitable price tags – you, your clients and their customers will all walk away with five-star benefits. Learn how to start selling these kitchen-approved promos today, plus discover the most popular products you should add to your pitches right away.

Top markets to Target

Order up! Take advantage of these housewares markets to maximize your profit potential.

While food-oriented businesses might be your bread and butter, don’t rule out other industries. Housewares make excellent gifts, so verticals like real estate and corporate should also be on your radar. Let your clients know they can give products like cutting boards and wine accessories out as holiday or “welcome home” gifts to make a lasting impression on their audience.

Housewares Markets:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars and breweries
  • Wine and spirits stores
  • Vineyards and wineries
  • Organic grocery stores
  • Food manufacturers
  • Real estate
  • Corporate gifts

>  Anniversary gifts

>  End-of-year gifts

>  Account opening gifts

>  Free gifts with purchase

top products to pitch

Today’s special: Home and kitchen products that are perfect for promotions.

These popular product lines are some of the most in-demand housewares items and deserve a spot in your sales presentations. Fine-tune your sales approach by targeting specific client needs with the promos below.

Cutting & Serving Boards

Get your slice of profits with cutting boards and serving sets. These classic culinary items have a high perceived value, promoting your client’s reputation for class and quality. Even better: Since cutting and serving boards and usually displayed in social situations, your client’s brand will be seen by multiple people with every use.

Zipline Recommends

o	Designer Cutting Board (ZIP1421)
Designer Cutting Board (ZIP1421)
Made from sustainable, eco-friendly bamboo, this kitchen accessory features multiple stripe inlays for a unique look and feel.
o	Moda Striped Cutting Board (ZIP1417)
Moda Striped Cutting Board (ZIP1417)
This high-end striped cutting board makes a perfect promo for restaurants and culinary stores. End-users will appreciate the added convenience of the easy-grab handle.
o	Bamboo Serving Board (ZIP1465)
Bamboo Serving Board (ZIP1465)
Just the right size for serving up fruit, cheese and snacks, this bamboo serving board is sure to dish out plenty of impressions.
o	Bamboo Cheese Server Set (ZIP1066)
Bamboo Cheese Server Set (ZIP1066)
Give recipients everything they need to chow down with this stainless-steel cheese knife, cracker dish and cutting board. Cheese and crackers never looked so good.
Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools make terrific promos. Why? Usefulness is the second biggest reason end-users keep promo products, according to the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study. Here’s where kitchen gadgets really shine. Because they come in handy every time end-users whip up some food, they’ll be seen almost daily and held on to for years.

Zipline Recommends

Bamboo Spoon Rest (ZIP1728)
Bamboo Spoon Rest (ZIP1728)
Your clients can’t help but attract attention when they pass out this culinary promo at tradeshows, cooking demonstrations or home and gardening expos.
Tablet Recipe Stand (ZIP1735)
Tablet Recipe Stand (ZIP1735)
Help end-users out in the kitchen with this handy tablet stand. Adjustable to three different positions and featuring an easy-clean finish, you can bet recipients will keep this promo around for years to come.
7-Piece Bamboo Utensil Set (ZIP1335)
7-Piece Bamboo Utensil Set (ZIP1335)
This utensil set comes with seven FDA-approved and eco-friendly tools, all of which will associate your clients with quality and sustainablity.
o	4” x 6” Zest Recipe Box (ZIP1239)
4” x 6” Zest Recipe Box (ZIP1239)
Perfect for storing grandma’s secret recipe the latest blog article, using branded recipe boxes as giveaways will provide end-users with something truly memorable.
Wine Accessories

Fill your glass with profits with these full-bodied branding tools. Any wine lover will appreciate accessories like bottle holders or bottle openers, whether they’re branded or not. Products such as this are some of the most popular choices for presents, too. Even if your clients aren’t in the food or beverage industry, these products will make impressive gifts for prospects or customers.

Zipline Recommends

Gravity Wine Bottle Holder (ZIP1435)
Gravity Wine Bottle Holder (ZIP1435)
Defy gravity with this elegant wine bottle holder. This promo will put your client’s brand on display and show off their favorite reds and whites.
Bottle Cutting Board (ZIP1411)
Bottle Cutting Board (ZIP1411)
Wine and cheese, anyone? Thanks to its unique shape, this cutting board will stand out from your client’s competitors – and any promos your competitors are pitching, too.
Tannin Bamboo Wine Bottle Case (ZIP1361)
Tannin Bamboo Wine Bottle Case (ZIP1361)
Help your clients appeal to wine connoisseurs with this all-in-one kit, including a solid bamboo case with a luxurious bottle liner, waiter corkscrew, pourer, stopper and drip ring.
Whimsy Wine & Spirit Multi Tool (ZIP1651)
Whimsy Wine & Spirit Multi-Tool (ZIP1651)
Give end-users the benefits of five functions in one tool with this handy wine accessory. Since it meets many different needs, it will be used five times more than a standard tool.
Kitchen Gadgets

Promos housewares aren’t all work and no play. End-users will love handy tools and gadgets just as much as the essentials – and they’ll be more memorable, too. If your clients are looking for a way to stand out, recommend some of these popular sellers. They’ll provide something of value to their audience while standing out from other companies in their vertical.

Zipline Recommends

Ice Cream Spade (ZIP1493)
Ice Cream Spade (ZIP1493)
This stylish ice cream scoop will cut even frozen-solid ice cream with ease – the perfect promo for ice cream shops, sweets stores and diners.
Bamboo Avocado Slicer (ZIP1729)
Bamboo Avocado Slicer (ZIP1729)
Are your clients’ promos not quite cutting it? Give this bamboo avocado slicer a try – a popular giveaway choice to appeal to millennials, health nuts and fitness fans.
Bamboo Slice N Serve (ZIP1472)
Bamboo Slice-N-Serve (ZIP1472)
Featuring a stainless-steel server with a serrated cutting edge and bamboo handle, this handy kitchen tool will make a great addition to any dessert table.
Handheld Cheese Grater/Zester (ZIP1594)
Handheld Cheese Grater/Zester (ZIP1594)
Add some zest to your client’s next promotion. Ideal for grating fruits, cheese, spices and more, this culinary promo will be a delicious success.
brand spotlight: BistroTek

Provide your clients with the best of the best with the BistroTek line by Zipline.

Why Bamboo?

Thanks to its hardy nature, bamboo can grow in all kinds of climates and doesn’t need harmful pesticides or herbicides to grow well. Share these talking points with your customers to explain why they can feel good investing in bamboo kitchenware promos:

  • Requires no irrigation
  • Rarely needs replanting
  • Grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3-5 years
  • Produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees
  • Sequesters carbon dioxide and is carbon-neutral
  • Critical element in balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Excellent soil erosion inhibitor
  • Bamboo fibers have lower environmental impact than other forms of fiber, especially synthetic ones

Source: Econation for People and Planet

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